OUZO of Mitilini "SERTIKO" - Double distillation 45% alc.
OUZO of Mitilini "SERTIKO" - Double distillation 45% alc.
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OUZO of Mitilini "SERTIKO" - Double distillation 45% alc.

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Ouzo SERTIKO, inspired by oriental recipes and raw materials, is the premium product of the EVA’s ouzo range. Delicious, bold and very traditional, which with its aroma brings us to the habits and flavours of another era.

During the production process a double distillation ritual is followed,while the fruits, aromatic herbs and roots are distilled in specific order and combinations. Its characteristic strong aroma comes from the distillation of citrus fruits, ginger, coriander, cardamom, star anise and aniseed from Lisvori, giving SERTIKO its intense “sertic” character.

For lovers of strong ouzo, it can be served neatto set free its intense fragrances. With the addition of iced water it changes character and increases the appetite for spicy ouzomeze. In cooking oriental recipes, where ouzo is used as an aromatic ingredient, SERTIKO guarantees the duration of the aroma and flavour.

Its award-winning bottle design depicts Ottoman and Byzantine motifs, completing its strong character inspired by times gone by.

700ml 45% Vol.

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