A cosmopolitan brand featuring dynamism and free spirit. 

A few words about our brand, Zoya!


Zoya is a part of the well-established GHM Group, founded 30 years ago in Greece, and since then it has been a pillar in the garment industry with both local and abroad points of sales.

Zoya brand was conceived as a dialogue between the two siblings Mano and George Xylouris and it was the result of the two combining but also different personalities: a ‘90s rebel and a ‘70s romantic. Contrasts are electrifying, but finding the subtle balance amongst diversities , they create  an outcome that justifies their early on success from their first season launch on Summer 2014. 

Our in-house team consists of talented and experienced fashion and textile designers who aspire towards creativity and innovation while focusing on contemporary designs and comfortable clothing.  
Every season we yearn for structure, but freedom; comfort, but not sloppiness; dressing up but not in a way that depicts us trapped in an existence that doesn’t recognise the reality we all live in. With our collections, we signpost how the #zoyagirl wants to live, and what’s is her point of view, her lifestyle. A #zoyagirl is bold, brave and restless. A woman who is definitely free-spirited, strong and cosmopolitan with a splash of nostalgia in her soul.