A completely singular way of seeing men’s fashion has been introduced by Antonis Papastavrou, inspirer and co-founder of the Greek brand Dánte, which during the past two years has rightfully won a prominent position on the map of style in men’s apparel.

Having studied architecture, Antonis had also dabbled in the clothing industry during its golden era. Later, and for many years, he pursued the art of make-up. However, when asked about the brand, he states that he is not one to marry his work; everything evolves, and he evolves with it.

His marriage to Dánte’s co-founder, Antriana Paraskevopoulou, was, in fact, the very first step in the entrepreneurial endeavour. Dánte could very well be considered their first child, a joint decision that took the place of a honeymoon. They began the brand using their savings for their wedding, sacrificing an exotic honeymoon destination. The funds had been gathered in good faith and, having such good energy, could not have “bad luck”.

Naturally, positive energy is just a very good premise. In all other respects, they left nothing to luck. Together, they spent innumerable hours, during a span of 10 months, researching the market to finally arrive at the image which Dánte has today. They discovered a gap in the Greek market –a distance between fast fashion and sur mesure- and they came to the conclusion that Dánte would fill that gap.