The soul of Emanuela Caruso is already contained in the choice of the name and the projects created.

From his creativity and constant research, through the skilled hands of Campania artisans, sandals with a retro and unique soul are born.

From the vintage and refined atmospheres of the jewels they therefore make each shoe the result of Made in Italy in respect of tradition.

With a special eye on creative innovation. The artisan tradition brings to the world a typical product of the island of Capri that looks to the style of the past adapted to modern times.

At the forefront of priorities, the continuous search for new materials in step with fashion trends. Each season is characterized by new proposals in line with the unmistakable taste of the stylist.

Emanuela Caruso is thus always one step ahead and a point of reference for those who love evolving fashion.

The charm of the Hand nailed personalized composition.

Choose the color of the sole, the height of the heel .. make the sandals "exclusive" with your initials, give a unique gift to someone you love, stamping the leather and... the heart, with a sentence, a symbol that remains imprinted.

Emanuela Caruso exclusive was born to migrate the ancient taste of the "made to measure" tradition, on a configuration with current and modern connotations, reflecting the inspiration of its collections that mix ancient wisdom with the renewed trends of our days.