ATHOA is a premium slow-fashion label by Greek contemporary brand, established in Athens.

ATHOA creates consciously designed staples for daily wear. With a focus on natural fibers and sustainable practices, our fabrics have been responsibly sourced and ethically produced. Each piece in the ATHOA collection transcends Spring -Summer seasons and is made to last.

Sustainability is an evolutionary process. As ATHOA grows and develops as a brand, we will endeavor to map our entire supply chain, and scrutinize each link in the chain – from yarn and trim suppliers to dye and wash houses, from fabric mills to factories. Our sustainability journey will continue to evolve as we work towards achieving complete supply chain transparency, with every thread traced back to its source.

In terms of social responsibility our goal is to minimize the negative impacts so often associated with manufacturing, and to ensure each person who contributes to the creation of our garments is treated fairly and with dignity. We strive to avoid animal fibers, though when animal fiber is used, we ensure these fabrics are sourced ethically.

In creating ATHOA, our mission is simple. We’ve created a considered collection of high-quality clothing, while minimizing our impact on the environment and its inhabitants. Guided by the philosophy “less is more” and built on a foundation of community, transparency and respect, every decision made at ATHOA is underpinned by our commitment to sustainability.

Wear thoughtfully, wear ATHOA.