Lamprini & Stella are two sisters from Thessaloniki who are behind the first purely GREEK Resort wear brand. Stella has been educated in fashion design having applied her knowledge in the Greek fashion industry for the past 20 years . Lamprini has a degree in Civil engineering having experience in the architectural design, building construction and interior design of houses and hotel units.

In 2014, ancient kallos was created as a result of the cooperation of the two ladies. This alliance confirms the direct relationship between the fashion aspect and the architectural one .

Ancient Kallos, the new Resortwear collection, draws its creative inspiration from ancient Greek beauty, its very name deriving from the ancient Greek word for beauty, kallos. The sun shining on the islands of the Aegean, the tranquillity of the Ionian Sea and the white colour of the Cyclades are all imprinted in the designs, bringing out a contemporary and modern version of the Greek element.

The sun in the form of its ancient Greek symbol features in the logo (ΚΑΛΛΟS), in the letter O, as a representative of the spirit , while the dot in the middle symbolises the original spark, which mainly springs from willpower.

The Resort collection includes creations made of natural fibres, mainly cotton fabrics, lace and silk. A series of beach dresses, shirt dresses, beach kaftans, cover-ups, shorts, pareos, beach bags, shopping bags and beach towels make up the highlights of the collection, which is intended for the modern-day woman who loves summer and knows how to enjoy the relaxing holiday ambience.

Ancient Greek symbols printed on cotton fabrics, designed exclusively for Ancient Kallos, authentic embroideries on shirt dresses, cotton broderie, silk fabrics and handmade tassels are only a few of the amazing details that define Ancient Kallos.

All products have been designed and manufactured exclusively in Greece.