Cristina Beautiful Life

Cristina Beautiful Life is not another brand name, she lives among us, she is one of us.

The love for fashion and designs, the passion for life, but also everything that makes our life more beautiful led us to imprint all the things that we love and make us better people onto our clothes. Images and patterns from trips, feelings that jump out from our favourite tunes, the aftertaste of a movie, everything is there, designed in our clothes.

The Cristina Beautiful Life Collection emphasizes in clothes with boho style, vintage aesthetics but at the same time having a trendy “in-fashion” mood. Our collection tries to pair the “Coachella Girl” side by side with the “Chic Lady”, and vice versa. It’s not only about the designs or the fabrics. Mostly. It’s about the love and devotion that we show on every cloth that we make. From the very beginning of design until the final cut, we monitor with special care every step of the production till we are 100% sure that we meet the quality standard and aesthetics that we desire; and that’s a statement.