FGTONSILK is a brand of luxury silk scarves and accessories which carry the designs of artist Filippos Georgios Tsintavis. The products are designed and produced in Greece, as all stages of their production are done in the country. The raw material is 100% pure premium quality Hellenic silk from Soufli in Northern Greece, which is internationally recognized as one of the finest qualities of silk worldwide.

Filippos Georgios Tsintavis is the designer and founder of FGTONSILK. He is a contemporary artist based in Milan and Athens, graduate of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. His work has been shown in various exhibitions in Europe and is part of private collections. 

My Art, my scarves

“I conceptualized the idea of silk scarves in early 2017 and soon began designing my first scarves, reconstructing my work as an artist. Silk became my new medium for artistic creation. Firstly, adjusting to this new surface forms, symbols and concepts of each thematic unit of my work, and then moving on to create solely for it. I see my scarves as works of art themselves. Silk and the concept of the scarves became two more tools for my work. My art has always been material, I draw inspiration from the objects of the urban household, seeking poetry in every corner. I sketch the narrative by looking at the myth. I adore the greatness of simplicity and I work monochromatically. I emphasize the senses of matter and of the various surfaces. I do not cease to believe in the quality of all things, material and immaterial. I work with various graphic arts and I believe that digital printing on silk does not differ from my woodcuts. In both cases the magic of printing exists as does the impatience and wait until the design emerges. The creative process in all my works, including my scarves, has the form and mental charge of the moment of creation, based on the tension of the senses. I would say that the FGTONSILK scarves are mass-produced artworks. They are timeless and fashionable and are available for every enthusiast of quality and elegance."
Filippos Georgios Tsintavis