GIS Studio

The pottery studio «ΓΗΣ» has been active in the field of decorative objects since 2006. Many years of experience combined with the need to express and search for the special elements of porcelain, gave birth to the brand of «Γης Μαριάμ» (Gis Mariam).

Gis collection is mainly characterized by geometric shapes as porcelain seems to love the balance between form and aesthetics. Small touches of gold add a fine luxury that highlights a woman’s personality and femininity.

Each stage of production is a small ritual that requires dedication and absolute concentration. The process of shaping an object is often painful, but with our love for raw material, the journey is always fascinating.

Our pieces are handmade of high quality porcelain,  fired to 1250 ℃. Then, 24 ct. gold is painted on and a final firing matures at 840 ℃. All jewellery is meticulously selected and completed with 925 silver or gold-plated elements.

Through our creations, we intent to bring out the charm and whiteness of porcelain and share our feelings and thoughts with you.