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Natural sea sponges No44
Natural sea sponges No44

Natural sea sponges No44

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Natural sea sponges have been known and used for ages for a wide variety of hygiene, cosmetic, industrial and artistic purposes.

You would use them if you wanted a luxurious and bath or shower sponge for your body and face. A quality sea sponge will offer you a smooth massage and natural skin exfoliation in a gentle and healthy way that plastic commercial sponges could never do. They are also suitable for make up and demake up purposes.

Sea sponges make excellent menstrual tampons for natural feminine hygiene as they are hypoallergenic, reusable and highly absorbent. They are useful for general cleaning, car washing, pet hygiene or wall cleaning. They are also used in painting, faux painting, wall painting, decoration or church related processes.

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