Kid's Poncho (10 years)
Kashish Athens

Kid's Poncho (10 years)

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100% Cotton

Garment measurements*

4 years: Bust: 66cm Shoulder: 28cm Length: 61cm

6 years: Bust: 66cm Shoulder: 36cm Length: 61cm

8 years: Bust: 62cm Shoulder: 25cm Length: 75cm

10 years: Bust: 72cm Shoulder: 42cm Length: 64cm

12 years: Bust: 66cm Shoulder: 39cm Length: 66cm

14 years: Bust: 80cm Shoulder: 43cm Length: 69cm


 The Greek brand Kashish includes a wide range of dresses, kaftans, accessories and beachwear. With clear references to India, as kashish means attraction in the Urdu dialect of Urdu, the clothing patterns are inspired by traditional Indian designs with ethnic and Greek references. Geometric architecture and cubist motifs are also evident. Kashish summer clothes are made of natural materials and light, transparent and airy fabrics, while the kaftans are made of quality Indian cotton.

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