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Hermes - Οuzo Miniature 50ml
Hermes - Οuzo Miniature 50ml
Hermes - Οuzo Miniature 50ml

Hermes - Οuzo Miniature 50ml

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The multi-awarded gogreek® " GODS!" Ouzo Miniatures draw their inspiration from the Greek mythology.

HERMES, messenger of the gods, god of trade, travel, thievery, athletics, tricks and games, designed exclusively for gogreek® by George Yonas, portray the Ancient Greek God in a modern and contemporary way.

Get to know them, love them, and let them spread the Greek spirit around the world.

HERMES (Latin: Mercury)

Messenger of the gods, god of trade, travel,

thieves, sports, tricks and games.

Inventor of the lyre, which he gave to Apollo.

He guided the souls of the dead to the underworld.

Son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, he is a lovable, playful young god, a breath of fresh air.

Several love affairs, but no drama and scandals.

Symbols: Herald’s staff, winged sandals, winged cap, rooster and tortoise.

Premium Ouzo from Mytilene
Ouzo, alongside tsipouro and raki, is the traditional Greek spirit, recognized by the European Union as a "national product".
The gogreek® Ouzo Miniatures are produced and bottled by Spentzas traditional family distillery, exclusively for the brand.
It is an aromatic alcohol drink, distilled with anise and other herbs in copper stills.
The distillery was founded in 1948 and is based in the city of Mytilene, capital of the island of Lesvos, in the Northern Aegean Sea.
New facilities, certified products, carefully chosen ingredients, enviromental concern and innovative attitude offer a premium, modern product with all the authenticity of timeless tradition.
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10 cm

4 cm 

16,7 cm

174 gr

3,94 inch

1.57 inch

6.57 inch

5,59 oz.


Enjoy it served with your favorite appetizer 

(preferably salted or acidic)
Goes great with pickles, olives, or salted preserves, such as sardines or smoked salmon.

Never drink ouzo alone! 

It is the only drink in the world one has to enjoy solely with friends
It has been proven that good company multiplies its anyway great taste.

You can drink it with ice, cold water, or both, preferably chilled. 

Experiment and decide on the taste you prefer most!

Note that ouzo is crystal clear in its original form, but it becomes opaque when you add water or ice.

Drink slowly and always stop when you start feeling dizzy. 

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