Bamboo Toothbrush Red / Medium
Bamboo Toothbrush Red / Medium

Bamboo Toothbrush Red / Medium

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BeMyFlower toothbrush with biodegradable natural bamboo handle and BPA-free nylon fibers.
Featuring a non-slip cylindrical handle, it has an elegant and ergonomic design and is an essential accessory for tooth hygiene.
Its packaging consists entirely of recyclable materials and once its use is completed, it is buried in the soil and composted after removing its hairy part. 
It is recommended to replace it every 3 months or when the fibers are worn out.

Soft nylon fibers free of toxic BPA
100% Bamboo biodegradable handle
1 toothbrush in biodegradable transparent sealing wrap and box made of 100% recyclable paper.

The new Greek bamboo toothbrush!
BEMYFLOWER is a new Greek company in the field of oral hygiene, based on natural bamboo wood. The toothbrush is processed and manufactured - like most bamboo products
on the market - in China, the country where it grows.

What is Bamboo?
Bamboo is a kind of grass / reed, tall and thick like a tree. It reproduces and grows very fast. It is widespread intrinsically in tropical & temperate places, on all continents except
Europe and Antarctica.

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