Honey, Chios Mastic & Ceylon Cinnamon
Honey, Chios Mastic & Ceylon Cinnamon
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Honey, Chios Mastic & Ceylon Cinnamon

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True cinnamon, unique mastic, pure honey. A charming combination of flavors with rich aroma and soft texture.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), mastic contributes to a healthy gastrointestinal system and has a beneficial effect on oral hygiene. Ceylon cinnamon helps to enhance mental and physical fitness.



Try it with a fresh fruit salad, in your yogurt, with a hot tea, in the morning pancakes, with crispy donuts, in sourdough bread. You can even combine it with a glass of milk, in an energy smoothie, in grandma's pancakes, in cakes & delicious cookies, otherwise with the spoon!

How will honey remain?

The post-harvest value is the same as the production value, so take care of the honey as it deserves.

Keep it :

  • Away from other odors
    We protect the honey and keep it away from strong odors as it absorbs them.
  • In a place with low humidity
    Honey is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from the environment) and should be stored in dry places with humidity up to 65%.
  • Away from light
    We keep the honey away from light, in a shady place, as this way we prevent the deterioration of its nutrients.

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